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Are you searching for update on FRSC Recruitment Application Form 2017/2018 ? if that is your quest today, then let me officially welcome you to this webiste because we are going to share with you on this post everything you need to know about Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC recruitment 2017/2018, Application Form, Academic qualification,the basic requirements and how to apply online.

Are you a first time reader of this blog or you have been a keen reader for some time now? how ever it may be, we are going to put you on the known about the 2017/2018 edition of The Federal Road Safety Commission recruitment application form to serve as a guide for your online application.

We have been able to understand that commencement of The FRSC Recruitment Application Form 2017/2018 has been highly awaited by fans since the beginning of 2017. In the same vein, a lot of questions has been pouring out of the mouths of our readers but due to our tight schedule we haven’t been able to answer those questions. Today is a good day for you all because we are going to finally give you the answers you have been longing for all this while.

By the way, these are the questions we have been receiving from our readers, they are manifested below;

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That is that for that. We recently discovered that rumors has been going round that the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment form for 2017 is out, please disregard this false alert because it is baseless. FRSC Recruitment has not started don’t let this people mislead you, this is the hand work of fraudstars who are only interested in your hard earned money.

These callous folks post their contact details online claiming that FRSC recruitment is ongoing in order to be called by the desperate aspirants to offer the FRSC Job in exchange for cash or any other form of gratification. They are fake people please beware of them.

In case you come across fake advert online just remember what i just told you here, leave that page as fast as you can don’t be so desperate to collect the contact details they will sc.am you and run away.

The Functions Of The Federal Raod Safty Corps FRSC

  • One of the duties of FRSC is to make sure that the highway is safe for motorists and other road users
  • FRSC helps to educate motorists and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway.
  • FRSC recommend works and devices designed to completely eliminate or minimize or bring road accidents on the highways to the bearest minimum .

Has The Federal Raod Safty Corps FRSC 2017/2018 Recruitment Started?

No, it hasn’t commence . 2017 recruitment is yet to start but you can always visit this portal for update and we will be get you posted on this one. As soon as this recruitment kicks off it will be updated here as soon as possible.

For the main time just keep your fingers cross and wait for the next update. You can as well visit FRSC official webiste for more update at www.frsc.gov.ng.

As soon as the recruitment starts, we will update the Academic qualifications,the basic requirements and how to apply online.

Always ignore false advertisement online or offline.


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