Airtel Data Plans- Codes & Price For Android ,Blackberry, iPhone & Laptop

Airtel Data Plans 2017 – Subscription Codes & Price For Android ,Blackberry, iPhone & Laptop Devices

Are you an Airtel Nigeria customer and you want to get you phone subscribed to Airtel internet? we are going to help you with the complete 2017 Airtel Data Plan and activation codes. Airtel Data Plans works on Android , iPhone,Blackberry & Laptop devices

If you are living in an area that have strong Airtel internet coverage and pondering on which data plan to subscribe, i am going to be helping you with the full list of Airtel internet Data plans, it corresponding prices and their respective subscription codes. There are several plans on Airtel network— they have daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, weekend and night plans, social plans, unlimited plans and Pay As You Go Plans.

Airtel is one of the big guns in Nigeria Telecommunication business in Nigeria and they offer a wide range of internet packages for Android , Blackberry , iPhone and Laptop users. Check out the various data plans that Airtel Nigeria have in store for their customers .

Airtel Data Plan 2017 (For Android ,Blackberry, iPhone & Laptops)


1. 30MB For #100 :

You get 30MB data for just #100 on this plan ,the validity period is for 24 hours. To subscribe simply dial *410#

2. 100MB for #200 :

This plan gives you 100MB worth of data for just #200 , The plan is valid for just 3 days. Dial *412# to subscribe

3. 80MB for #300 :

This plan is valid for 7 days (1 week) , Dial *417#

4. 750MB for #500 :

Get 500MB Airtel data plan for #500 , valid for 14 days. Dial *418# to subscribe

5. 1.5GB for #1,000 (Android 1.0) :

You get 1.5GB for #1,000 , valid for 30 days. Dial *496# to subscribe.

6. 3.5GB for #2,000 (Android 2.0) :

You can get 3.5GB data bundle for #2,000 , valid for 30 days. dial *437#

7. 5GB for #2,500 (Android 2.5) :

This plan have accrued 5GB data for #2,500 and it is valid for 30 days. Dial *437*1# to subscribe to this plan

8. 7GB for #3,500 (Android 3.5) :

This plan has 30 days validity period. To subscribe simply dial *438#

9. 9GB for #4,000 (Android 4.0) :

The validity period is for 30 days. Simply dial *438*1# to subscribe.

10. 12GB for #5,000 :

Valid for 30days. To subscribe simply dial *452#

11. 24GB for #8,000 :

This Airtel data plan is valid for 30 days. To subscribe simply dail *460#


Airtel Social Plans

The social plans below are strictly for chatting on social media.

1. Airtel Whatsapp (WTF) Plan

– #200 for 30 days. Dial *990# to subscribe

2. Airtel operamini plan

– #300 for 30days. Dial *885*1#


Airtel Night Plans (Weekend / Time Based)

If you prefer surfing at night , you can take advantage of these Airtel Night Plans / weekend data bundles.


– You get 30 minutes of unlimited internet for #300. Dial *439*3# to subscribe


– You get 60 minutes of unlimited internet access for #500. Dial *439*4# to subscribe

3. NIGHT 120

– You get 3 hours of unlimited internet for just #1,000. Dial *481*2# to subscribe (Usable between 12am and 5:59am.)


Weekend Bundle

Weekend Bundle 200:

– You get 200MB for #200 during weekends. Dial *472# (usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

Weekend Bundle 500:

– You get 500MB Airtel data plan for #500. Simply dial *473# to subscribe (Usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

That brings us to the end of Airtel Data Plans For Android , iPhone & Laptop In 2017

To check your data balance on Airtel network simply dial *223# or *140#


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