How To Backup Your Contacts On MTN Backup

In our last post, we checked out the steps involve in retrieving and recovering your MTN backed up contact numbers . I later realized that there will be no cause for you to retrieve your MTN contacts if you hadn’t backed it up at the first place, just in case you want to backup your MTN contacts numbers this post contain how you should go about it .

When ever you think of backing up your contacts on MTN Backup the first thing that should come to mind is reading this guide on the steps involve in backing up your contacts on MTN server. This post is targeted at all MTN subscribers that wants to complete MTN contact backup process so that they can always keep their phone contacts safe and retrievable when need be. MTN backup is an initiative or bid by MTN  to oblige all subscribers protect their contacts against whenever their mobile phone is missing or stolen.

You don’t have to miss out or forfeit  all your  MTN Mobile Contacts(SIM or PHONE) for any reason because you can be one step ahead if you have all your contacts backed up on MTN service. In case you don’t know, this  service allows you to store up to 200 phone contacts on your line and 5,000 plus SIM contacts in their database and it  supports up to 500 mobile phone brands. One needful thing you should know about this service is that it allows only MTN SIM cards made from year 2010 and above are enabled for this service. On this note, sim card older than 2010 are to get MTN welcome pack for the new brand of SIM cards so that they too can enjoy the service. The steps involve in backing up your MTN contacts is more complex that that of retrieving it online.

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here is how to  Backup your contacts for only MTN subscribers .


How To Backup and Retrieve Contacts On MTN Backup


To initiate this process you need a SIM enabled for MTN Backup or a data-enabled phone.


Go to menu on your phone and locate ‘MTN Services’ or ‘SIM services.’


Click to select ‘MTN Backup’ then choose Backup ‘SIM contacts.’


Select Yes or Ok from the menu requesting your permission to synchronize your phone book contacts, then wait. After a while the backup of your SIM contacts will be completed and your backup account details sent to your line. Note that your login name usually your phone number and your password will be sent to you as well.

That is all .


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