Best Nigerian Fashion Blogs – Top Female Fashion Bloggers

These are The Best Nigerian Fashion Blogs – Female Fashion Blogging And Bloggers ( Top 10)

Fashion is one important aspect of human life that can never be undermine not even in this generation. There are some Nigerian female Fashion bloggers that knows what fashion is really all about. Fashion is a vital part of our life that keeps stretching over time and it doesn’t remain the same as it changes over time as a result of periodic upgrade or it can also be called fashion revolution and trust me people are always ready to bank on it because more that 70% of the universe have a soft spot for it .

People’s love for fashion keeps growing everyday and following fashion trends for many years has made them experts in the department as they are now called Fashionistas. Many people now take fashion very seriously as if they need A+ grade in this field to enter into the gate of heaven. Some times when we have no idea on what fashion style to wear to a particular event, we resort to Fashion websites because they are the one who gives a clear and innovative glimpse towards current fashion trends and highlights that is currently rocking at a particular time .

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Without being told, Nigerians are very fashionable people especially the wealthy once that don’t have something serious to use their money for. There are top fashion bloggers in Nigeria today who have successfully impacted the fashion style into may lives because they know what they are doing when it comes to fashion department. They have been able to carve out a style trend for their fans around the world. Of course, fashion is useless and incomplete without show off from our Nigeria men and women especially the celebrities and some rich folks. They use social media to showcase their fashion style to the entire world and those people that can’t afford good cloths are really pained seeing these good stuffs being rocked by other people while they can’t afford it. We are going to share with you the top 10 Nigerian female Fashion bloggers that are currently slaying right now alongside their blogs.

10 Best Fashion Blogs in Nigeria : Best Nigerian Fashion Blogs Of Our Time

1. Fisayo Longe (

She is one of the most stylish fashion bloggers from Nigeria soil and she is behind, a top fashion blog that gives you all you need in the world of fashion. She is dedicated to sharing with her readers captivating insights into African fashion, travel and even shopping tips. Her work portrays different cultures and places around the world.

2. Seyi Famuyiwa (

Seyi Famuyiwa is a name painted among the list of top fashion bloggers in Nigeria today, she launched her blog in 2012 when she was still schooling back in the day , she would juggle and manage her studies with her blogging career. The 24 year old lady is a shoe lover who graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration in May 2016 . Her consistency on her blog is making her dine with the best people in the fashion department right now. She is the owner of, you can watch her do what she knows how to do best .

3. Folake Huntoon (

Folake Huntoon is an expert in African style and beauty needs for both men and women. Her blog,, is a blog that looks into different collection and peek to top African and international styles. She gives cool tips on how to slay in different outfits and tips on how to keep it fresh and lively all day. She has been able to stand the test of time and eventually become one of the most respected fashionista in Nigeria today.

4. Uche Eze Pedro (

Uche Eze Pedro is one of the most famous fashion blogger in Nigeria today, if you don’t know her with her name then you will definitely know her blog ( She owns one of the biggest fashion blog in Nigeria and her blog is strictly into fashion where she updates fashion news on recent weddings, reality Tv shows, red carpets and celebrity shows. She is an award winning fashion blogger who feed us with her up-to-date African and international fashion trends.

5. Yemisi Aiyedun (

Yemisi Aiyedun is the owner of a top fashion blog known as, she is very reputable in Nigerian fashion scene. Her blog ( ditches out different interesting content such as style, beauty and even romance tips. She is one of the most lord fashion blogger among her counterpaths. Want to have a glimpse on her blog use this link:


6. Sayedero Enytan (

Sayedero Enytan focuses on men and women. She is equal to the task when it comes to delivery the very best and winning hearts with her fashion sense. She is that fashion blogger that everybody wants to emulate and has what it takes to take you into that fashion fantasy that is achievable. Sayedero Enytan is among the most innovative Nigerian fashion bloggers who have been able to keep it real , infact she is an icon in the world of fashion.

7. Seyi Famuyiwa (

She is one of the most passionate fashion bloggers in Nigeria who decided to express herself with her outfits via her blog. She is the founder of, she loves fashion so much and thought about her own little way to contribute to fashion department and she came up with her blog, ( . She launched her blog in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the best in the country today.

8. Sarah Audu (

This lady is no doubt a fashion freak, she has become one of the finest wardrobe consultant and style blogger in Nigeria. She launched her blog, when she was 19 years old and still studying in Bangkok University. She is well known for her outfits sharing, and new innovation in dressing.

9. Ono Bello (

Talking about the top African fashionistas of our time, Ono Bello is definitely one of them . She is a top and most soughted-after African fashion queen. Her blog,, serves super cool content on interesting post on Nigerian clothes’ styles. She serves her reader hot fashion tips for latest fashion styles.

10. Hanifah Abubakar (

She is a die hard fashion freak who add fashion and style to anything she does. She is currently studying International Business in higher institution. She is an Hausa lady whose fashion blog is worth checking out, her tips on fashion is currently slaying everybody’s life and it is all you should be reading now. She focuses on African clothes and you should check out her website :

If you are a fashion blogger and you need some recent trends on fashion then you could use these fashion blogs listed above.


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