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in this publication today, i will be revealing to you all that you need to know about the latest instant money make called cashgranted most especially for those who has not heard about this just informed that this publication is for you and don’t be left out to partake from this free offer

Yes you might have heard about cash granted as well would be wondering how it works and also to know if it is real or not due to many online scam that is all over everywhere today. But don’t worry as you have stumbled on the platform where you get all those questions regarding to the cash granted registration and login. Even some persons think that the cash granted is one of the popularly known online scams names not mention. Just read on to find out furtherly here..

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Hmmm from my own view, how I got the information was yesterday when I was in sitting room watching the TV set and at the same time surfing the internet via my mobile device. Suddenly a friend of mine called me on phone telling me “if I have heard of the new online money making that is rolling around the town called the CASHGRANTED”? immediately it got me to start wondering when did that came out and I did not know about it. So this led me going on proper research on cashgranted registration, cashgranted login so as to help those who have not gotten this information guideline on how to apply for the…. and this is what i got from my research below

“I have just requested for the sum of fifty thousand naira (Ꞥ20,000) only on cashgranted. kindly help me recommend my fund request. And here is the link to the request…to recommend, please kindly visit my request link above and tap on the page that pop up… All thanks”

Before and during the time i was making my research, at first, I thought it’s was a P0nz1 scheme but after going through their description, how they make their money and other analysis I concluded that they are real and as well legitimate to take part in.

please dont forget you can as well also make your own research and for those who might have Tried cashgranted and it worked fine for you, please do kindly share with job-recruitment portal here for other members to be informed.

What is Cash Granted is an online website where users can be able to access free grants ranging from N20,000 to N70000 sum of nairas. and this funds-granting is available weekly.

You will need to sign up, and then request a grant and invite your friends to recommend your fund. If your fund request is among the 1000 most recommended request, you will get your fund request transferred to you.

How CashGranted Works

According to what we saw on their official website, we got to know you can get fund for free upto 70,000. But the questions still remain Is this real or it is just another type of scam? but as for me i think its ok because three of my friends are already a testifiers.

How to Sign up on Cash Granted

To register for your own account, you’ll need to first have working e-mail account.

  1. Goto
  2. Fill up the form with your right e-mail address.
  3. enter your preferred password that will be remember by you
  4. enter your phone number
  5. enter your bank account details where your free money will be sent across to you.

How to Login to

You can login daily to check your fund request status.

  1. Goto
  2. enter your user name
  3. enter your password when you created the cashgranted account
  4. and click “Login” or enter


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  • My account it’s not working, I wan’t request the amount of money but it’s not yet. Please help me how to request the amount of money

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  • I want to use it to pay my fees

  • I cannot view d 1000 recommenders for this week. Pls do something

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  • Were can I fill the form please??

  • I want to register but could,nt find d page pls i need help

  • i help my bussines teloring and weeving thank you

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