Cheap MTN Data Plan 2017/2018 – Internet Bundles Subscription Codes & Prices

Cheap MTN Data Plan 2017/2018 – Internet Bundles Subscription Codes & Prices

The need to use internet these days has really increased tremendously that is why we want to share with you the best MTN Data Plan & Internet Bundles Subscription Codes & Prices (cheapest) . MTN data bundle is one of the best in Africa but choosing the right data plan is the major problem many are facing.

The price  of MTN data plans has been increased over the years and there is every need to make the right choice when it comes to picking the perfect data plan that will suit your life style. From now on, MTN Nigeria has upgraded their internet browsing data plans which now made it very easy for you to choose the one that is perfect for you. After the periodic upgrade they did, you now have about nine data plans to choose from . There are now cheap browsing plans for you all especially those of you that need super-fast internet access for your android phones and computers.

MTN Data Plan & Internet Bundles comes with price and subscription code, they have bundles for medium data and high data users depending on what you want and your device capacity. Just like every other networks in Nigeria, MTN offers all kinds of data bundle ranging from daily data plans to weekly data plans and the standard monthly subscription. Before you decide on what plan to choose here , make sure you select the one that will meets your needs depending on how long you like to stay on the net . If you are that type that like downloading any little thing you come across on the internet then you should know the data plan that will suit you , if you are a social media freak you know what to do as well.

The essence of this page is to provide for you the  latest browsing data plans offered by MTN for your need. If you are not subscribed to any data plan on MTN, you are going to be  charged 5 kobo/kb for pay as you go browsing, this is not a good experience for many because it is too expensive for an average Nigerian. To make it cheaper for you just have your phone subscribed to an internet plan using its internet browsing codes. If you need any formation on MTN Data Plans just dial *131# on your MTN line to know more. In time past, MTN data plans use to be fifteen but it has been reduced to nine after their periodic upgrade of their systems. It appears MTN has terminated their weekend and nightly data plans as many customers would suggest. Many will be happy with this decision because they don’t fancy that plan right from it inception.

MTN 1.5GB Data Plan – All You Need To Know

MTN 1.5GB Data plan was formally 100MB, 200MB, and 260MB before it final decision was made slashed to MTN 1.5GB. This plan offers 24/7 internet access for 30 days at N1,000. This data plan is ideal for browsing directly on your mobile phone. I will counsel you browse with Opera mini/mobile browser or a similar cloud based data compression browser like the UC Browser or UC Mini so that your MB will last for you.

To subscribe to this browsing bundle plan just send 106 as a text message to 131. This data plan will also work on your laptop devices but the problem is that the data will get exhausted too quick. It will not last long except when you use it once a while.

10GB MTN Data Plan – All You Need To Know

If you need a plan that will allow you browse on your  laptop or desktop then this plan is your best bet. It gives you opportunity to browse the internet 24 hours , day and night for a 30-day period at a fee of 5,000 NGN. It offers you 10GB data (formally 5GB) per month. If you have made up your mind to subscribe to this plan simply send 116 in form of SMS to 131. Before you send this code make sure you have  N5,000 airtime on your mobile phone. After you have successfully activated this plan that N5,000 will be deducted from your account. This data plan is for those people on high-speed (3G/HSDPA) coverage.

MTN 24 hour internet Data Plan – All You Need To Know

This plan offers 24 hours browsing bundle for all subscribers. It’s a daily internet data plan that allows subscribers to pay a daily fee of N200 just to access the internet for one day( 24 hours). This is a limited internet browsing access that gives you 100MB data to be consumed for one day. This internet service is available to MTN prepaid users only and to activate this daily plan SMS 103 to 131 . Before you SMS the code make sure you have recharged you account with at least N500 because it will be deducted after migrating to this plan.

This is How to Activate Your Internet Browsing on MTN

Configure your mobile phone yourself by simply using the following settings.

  • Account name: MTN GPRS
  • Access point name (APN):
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
  • Username: web
  • Password: web

Port 8080 is recommended except if your mobile phone supports only WAP.

Cheap MTN Data Plan, Price And Prices

→1.5GB (24/7 30 days) – text 106 to 131
MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile, 1.5GB (24/7 30 days) – N1000

→3.5GB MTN mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) – 2000 Naira
MTN 3.5GB mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 110 to 131

→10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – 5,000 NGN
10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 116 to 131

→22GB MTN data plan (24/7, 30 days) – N10,000
22GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 117 to 131

→50GB MTN data plan (24/7, 60 days) – N20,000
50GB MTN data plan (24/7 60 days) – text 118 to 131

→85GB MTN data plan (24/7, 90 days) – N50,000
85GB MTN data plan (24/7 90 days) – text 133 to 131

→MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 30MB (24 hours) – 100 Naira
MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 30MB (24 hours) – SMS 104 to 131

→750MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile (24/7, 7 days) – 500 NGN
750MB Weekly browsing for mobile, 750MB – text 103 to 131

→MTN Daily data plan, 100MB (24 hours) – N200
MTN Daily data plan, 100MB – text 113 to 131

Simply send 2 to 131 as a text message.


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