Code to Transfer Money From GTBank to GTBank & Other Bank Accounts With Phone

Code to Transfer Money From GTBank to GTBank & Other Bank Accounts With Phone

Code to Transfer Money From GTBank to GTBank & Other Bank Accounts With Phone, Read How To  —  .Gone are those days where you have to queue up in the bank just to transfer money with your bank account, technological advancement has made it possible to send / transfer money (funds) from your bank account to another bank or the same bank . You can transfer money from GTbank account to another bank or to another GTbank account with simple code using your mobile phone . * no internet connection needed*

To succeed in any business this modern age, you have to be one step ahead of your competitors because. In a situation where your  competitors are smarter than you,  then your business might suffer . At this point, your business  running into relegate or bankruptcy is imminent. As a business man or woman you have to be very smart and innovative as possible because business of these days is more like war but it is not about  pulling triggers it involve pulling ideas. In time past, it is very difficult to transfer money from GTBank to another bank or even to another gtbank account. But it is now possible today, you can transfer money from your GTB account to another GTB account or to another bank .

What i am trying to communicate here is that you don’t longer have to travel to the nearest Guarantee Trust Bank branch to complete such banking transaction as you can do so at the comfort of your bed. I am not talking about using gtb mobile banking app because that one is kind of oldskul. Using this GTB mobile banking application is another smart way of transferring money from your GTB account to another account but the process is long . You will need a token before you can perform any transaction which will cost you about N2,500 and you will also need to add beneficiary account details before you can transfer money. All this long process have been cut short with GTBank *737* Mobile Banking Codes — it is the coolest way to transfer money without internet access on your mobile phone.

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc introduced this *737* code to help all their customers transfer money with ease without visiting the bank or any ATM post terminal. With this code GTBank customers could at their own convenience carry out monetary operations like sending money to another bank account, buying airtime from your bank account and so on .

This transaction can only be done with the number you registered with your GTbank account while you were opening your account. All you are require to do is simply dial some numbers and codes on your phone and hit the send button and you are good to go. All phone type can do this even Nokia 3310 can achieve this as well.

Without wasting so much time on this, we bring before you the steps involve in transferring money from GTB Babk to Gtbank and from GTbank to another bank account : For example Diamond bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, First Bank etc.


How to transfer Money From GTBank to GTBank


To send money from one GTBank acount to another GTBank acount, this is what you must do.

On your mobile phone : Dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No (or Recipient Bank account number) #

to complete the transaction, you will be asked to input the last 4 digits on your ATM card. This is a security check.

For Example: *737*1*20,000*0115393134#

This command means that you want to send twenty thousand NAira to this account number >> 0115393134.


How to transfer Money From GTBank to Another Bank Account


To transfer or send money from your GTBank account to another bank observe the command below.

Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No (or Recipient Bank account number) #

For Example : *737*1*5000*1239172590#

This command says that you want to transfer the sum of five thousand Naira to this account number >> 1239172590.

A confirmatory message will be sent to your phone asking you to  input your ATM card last 4 digits to complete the transaction.

You have to complete this process to confirm the transaction, if not it will not go through.


This transaction only work on the mobile phone number you registered with Gtbank and your transfer limit is about N200,000. The network provider will charge you little amount per transfer.


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