The Most Expensive House in Nigeria 2017/2018: See Pictures

Come with us as we reveal The Most Expensive House in Nigeria 2017/2018 accompanied with Pictures

There are quite some numbers of expensive houses in Nigeria and they are mostly owned by Nigerian celebrities, built with their hard earned money . Before you put yourself in the list of richest people in Nigeria your house must stand out from the horde if not  you are just a joker. There are many expensive houses in Nigeria and they reflect an exquisite display of luxury, beauty,taste, class, style and fortune.

The above mention characteristics of the most beautiful mansion in Nigeria makes these houses enviable and stand out from other beautiful houses we see in the country. No doubt, there are many expensive houses in Nigeria but one of them is simply exceptional, uncommon, superior , one of a kind , luxurious and it is more like a fantasy because you might think its an illusion . This house is the finest in Nigeria . The most beautiful houses in Nigeria are located in luxury areas such as Lekki and other parts of Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Kano and other major cities in Nigeria. Some of the expensive houses in Nigeria are put up for rent while some are occupied by their owners, but there is nothing wrong with renting a luxurious, classy, expensive mansion as long as the money is there.

The simple fact is that there are many expensive houses in the country, but there is this particular house that is causing a lot of buzz and attracting attention for some time now. This mansion has been rumored to be the most expensive house in Nigeria. Well, let’s find out how elaborate this house is that it is causing heated arguments online and offline.

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The most beautiful house in Nigeria is said to belonging to one Okwudili Umenyiora, and he is behind the rare architectural expertise and creativity. Okwudili Umenyiora (aka Mr Dilly) is the CEO of Dilly Motors. What do you expect from an expert architect who has the opportunity and resources to design his dream house. We gathered that the house is located at Lekki Phase One (Oniru New Market), Lagos. Where else would you find such lavished house if not Lekki Phase One or banana island where popular blogger, Linda Ikeji bought her 600 million Naira heaven on earth mansion. Other people that has acquired house in this area is P-Square , Davido, Wizkid and some other wealthy Nigerian celebrities.

The house in question is said to have took the owner about four years to complete and gulped a huge fortune estimated to be about $10 million, can you ever beat that ? i will counsel patience and let it soak because there are few people who can even afford this in Nigeria. The construction of the house started in 2009 and completed in late 2013 .

The house has some fascinating features include floor televisions, indoor swimming pools, elevators to the fourth floor, and a garage with amazing decor and fleet of cars. We gathered that the house is being maintained by five housekeepers, among who is a Philippine woman.


There are other beautiful houses in Nigeria but this is the most beautiful one of them all.

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