FRSC Salary Structure: How Much is Federal Road Safety Corps Salary

In our recent publication we discussed about the recent Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) ranks and we were able to deal with that topic exhaustively. The next topic on the queue is FRSC Salary Structure, the goal here is to reveal how much all Federal Road Safety Corps receives monthly/annually as their take home salary.

In line with what we discussed in the previous post, the duty of FRSC Federal Road Safety Corp of Nigeria is to regulating the highway for motorists and other road users to avoid accidents . It is no longer news that several Nigerians are seeking employment in Government agency and they are interested in getting the recent FRSC Salary Structure to know how FRSC salary pay scheme is like.

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One thing that must be known about this salary structure of the Federal Road Safety Corp  FRSC is that their salary structure scale is not commonly found on the internet because they are very secretive and don’t want  information about their salary to be made known to the general public. But as the number APROKO portal in Nigeria, we are going to reveal all we know about this topic. One thing that is certain about this pay is that officers in the FRSC are paid according to their ranks and levels just like it is being done in other agencies/forces like Nigerian customers, Nigerian Navy, Army, Air force and Police and so on. Without any doubt, FRSC officers holding the highest rank earn more than the officers at the lower rank this is for sure.

Needless to say, FRSC ranking system is divided into two namely: Commissioned and Non Commissioned Officers.

In a publication made by a reputable portal in year 2007, it contained that Federal Road Safety Officers salary was increased as a result of constant protest by FRSC officials. This protest was intended to urge/push the Federal Government to intervene and increase their salary and it worked for them.

This development necessitated the need for redesign of the new salary structure known as Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure. This development led to the increase of FRSC salary by about N5,000.00 and the officers at the apex of their rank, N15,000.00. Our recent research shows that those fresh staffs who gained employment with their secondary certificate receives nothing less that N40,000. While the graduates on the other hand are paid N100,000 and above . The real OGA at the top are paid N250,000 and above.

Don’t just read and walk away, the information on this page is not comprehensive enough and it is very obvious. You can make it  complete information by contacting us if you have an idea on the FRSC salary scale. If you also feel these figures are incorrect please let us know via the comment box.


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