How to Activate & Reset GOTV After Payment

How to Activate & Reset GOTV After Payment

All GOTV users world-wide get in here as soon as possible because we have a very interesting and helpful topic for you today. This piece will be guiding you ( i.e GOTV Users) on how to reset and activate GOTV Decoder after payment. Yes! GOTV is no doubt one of the best satellite network in Nigeria but it has some challenges that might render you hopeless if you don’t know how to go about it.

Sometimes, contacting GOTV might be very useless because often times their contact phone number might not connect and when you contact them via email address you might not get response on time. On the same ground, activating your GOTV Decoder after Payment might not be hassle free. It is possible that when you purchased the GOTV monthly subscription, the decoder may not re-activate automatically which will require you to activate it manually and if you don’t know how to do this you are ruined for the whole of that day.

To make life with your GOTV pleasurable and enjoyable, we want to be your path-finder on how to activate GOTV after payment if it doesn’t reset itself  because there are still times when you would need to reset GOTV manually if it doesn’t work automatically.

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There are three good method to achieve this GOTV subscription reset. It is either you go with activating it via text message, activating your GOTV subscription online and lastly, activating your GOTV via Phone. Which ever one you choose, you will achieve the same goal and i will personally counsel you to go with the method that is easier for you. But, in a situation where you device fails to cooperate, don’t forget that you can connect with GOTV customer care line and you can also reach out to GOTV via their Facebook page or Twitter account even email address.

Activating Your GOTV via Text message

To make use of the Text message method, simply text ‘reset and Your GOTV account number to 4688. In case you don’t know where to find your GOTV account number, it is located under the GOTV decoder.

Activating Your GOTV Using the Online Method

To use this online method , head straight to  Eazy GOTV online and log into your account with your surname and your account number. Go to “Clear your error” dialogue box, select E16 and click on “Reset device now”. You are done with it.

Activating Your GOTV via Phone

To use this phone method, simply dial *423# on any network and follow the voice prompt to to activate your GOVT not to speak with GOTV customer service representative as many would say.



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