GUIDE: To Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

This piece contain a detailed guide on how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria, if you have been searching for the cheapest way to learn how to print wholesale and retail recharge card in Nigeria then this is your best chance. There is no need for seminals because you can learn it from your house.

In Nigeria today, printing of recharge card is unarguably one of the most lucrative businesses at the moment and a lot of people wants to venture into the business because they have seen how successful the people involve in this business are. Selling of recharge cards both in wholesale and retail is the reigning business that most persons have started and quite a number of Nigerians are still joining the league as we speak.

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It so shocking how  recharge cards has become a necessity in human life just like the food we eat as we need it to communicate with our family and friends who are far away from us. It is a common knowledge that communication is a vital aspect of human life and since the emergence of telecommunication networks like Globacom, Etisalat, MTN and Airtel communication with people far from us has been very easy and effortless, all thanks to Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo who introduced Telephone GSM into Nigeria. Since the advent of phone in Nigeria, purchasing recharge card is essential to keep communicating with our people through mobile devices.

Nigeria is currently battling with economic recession and unemployment is on the increase, amidst all this you can be your own boss by learning how to print recharge card and start selling wholesale and retail. There are thousands and millions of unemployed persons on the street of Nigeria with no means of income , they are almost like destitutes but you can come out of this financial slavery by starting your own recharge card printing business after scanning through this article carefully. This post will be revealing all the basic requirements you need to get started . Telecommunication giants like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL don’t produce their recharge card themselves as they entrust this to people who can live up to expectation.

First of all, i will be listing out the essential things you will need to to get started with your recharge card printing business in Nigeria 2017.

A computer-:

You will need a personal computer whether laptop or desktop computer; but you can also use that of a cyber cafee or a  shared computer. I will personally counsel you to buy your own computer so that you can have access to it day and night. Perhaps, this is one of the most essential things you need for this business.


Consider yourself lucky because recharge card printing business doesn’t require a huge sum of capital, you can start up this business with some couples of thousands because it is not one of those businesses that require millions of start-up capital. With some little cash on at hand you can start your own recharge card printing and publishing business without stressing yourself over anything.

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Another important thing you will need for your business rolling is a high grade printer that will print out your recharge card pin. This printer could be  either be colored or white, they are all good to go . Mind you, make sure you get a good printer that is compatible with your computer. The most common means of  printing recharge card in Nigeria is POS machine and it is also easy to operate compared to other once.


This is just like every other computer software that would be installed on your computers and this is what you would use in printing your recharge card vouchers.

Internet Access-:

You might need internet access sometimes but not at all times. To have an edge, it is advisable to have access to internet in case you have need to surf the net.

The Recharge Card Dealers-:

To become a recharge card dealer in Nigeria is not an easy journey, you might have to pay some money amounting to N15 million. Now, you know where i am going. The simple truth is that recharge card dealers are the choppers in the business because they make the highest profit because these people  deal directly with the telecommunication companies.

The Recharge Card Sub-Dealers-:

There are also some people involve in this business called the Sub-Dealers. They are the once that  sell directly to retailers after buying from dealers because they deal directly with the dealers . You will have to pay about N200,000 to N600,000 to become a recharge card Sub-Dealer in Nigeria.

Recharge PINs

Every items that is needed for recharge card printing is very important regardless of it size . Another essential part of this business is the recharge card pins, this pins is going to be printed on vouchers . You can only get these pins from major GSM dealers. On this ground, you have to look for a dealer that would sell them to you at reduced costs so that you won’t run into loss. This business doesn’t have a location barrier, you can be sent pin via e-mails. As for the registration, it doesn’t put hole in your pocket because it is kind of cheap. All you need is a means of identification and  you would need to purchase a minimum of 100 pins for a start.

Where To  Get The Recharge Card printing Machine in Nigeria?

According to VConnet these are reliable places you can get the Recharge card printing machine in Nigeria.

  • Follion Investment Limited
    3, Ilori Street, Ire Akari Estate, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • B And C Communication Solution Limited
    229, Suite B5, Idimu Ikotun Road, Glory Shopping Complex, Ikotun, Alimosho, Lagos,
  • Eagle Wings Ventures
    21, Khana Street, D Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.
  • Promise Computer
    10, Otigba Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • CCCMIS Limited
    41, Osuma Street, Maitama, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Skytex Training Center
    5, Toyin Street, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
    58, Old Market Road, Oduakpu, Onitsha South, Anambra, Nigeria.
  • Vicky Investment
    Alleluya Estate. Ring Road, Osogbo, Osun, Nigeria
  • Rayz And Chiz Links
    90, Ogumnu Abali Road, Phalga Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria.
  • T And Y Investment
    50, Okitipupa Road, Ore, Okitipupa, Ondo, Nigeria.
    Airtel Owned Shops
    Plot 6, Ebeano Estate, Independence Layout, Enugu North, Enugu, Nigeria
  • Airtel Owned Shops
    360, Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta, Nigeria.
  • Franca Communication
    3, Nnakwe Close, Abakpa Nike, Enugu East, Enugu, Nigeria.
  • O.B Communication International Limited
    81, Zik Avenue Awka, Awka, Awka South, Anambra, Nigeria.
  • Henry Printing Services And Precious Publisher
    16, Onumonu /Osuji Street, Owerri, Owerri Municipal, Imo, Nigeria.
  • Airtel Owned Shop
    154B, Okigwe Road, Aba North, Abia, Nigeria.
  • Game-Lite
    2, Amina Castle Road, Malete, Moro, Kwara, Nigeria.
  • Airtel Owned Shops
    45, IBB Way, Calabar, Calabar Municipal, Cross River, Nigeria.


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