Konga Contact Address and Phone Number

Konga Contact Address and Phone Number

Complete Konga Nigeria Contact Address, Website, Email and Phone Number

You just arrived at Nigerian Recruitment Portal. Do you want to contact Konga Nigeria? if you are searching for the complete Konga Contact details including Konga Nigeria Contact Address, phone number, Email address and website you are highly welcome to this page.

Konga Nigeria is the second leading leading online retail shopping stores in Nigeria after Jumia . There are also other growing online shopping stores like Kamu and the rest of them. Konga offers a wide range of products like Electronics, Computers & Accessories, fashion, generators, home appliances Phones & tablets, Apparels, Games, Books. Food, Automobiles and lot more.

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You are contacting Konga for any reason perhaps you want to buy their product or maybe you want to make a complain about their product i don’t really know the reason you want to talk to them. But if you ever have any need to contact Konga, find below their contact details below including the address of Konga office in Ikeja, konga office in Abuja, konga office yaba, Konga office in Port-Harcourt etc.

Looking for the Konga official website? it is http://www.konga.com. If you wish to contact the online store physically then their contact details is manifested after the jump.

Konga Nigeria Contact Address

40A, Town Planning Way,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Konga Nigeria Email Address: help@konga.com
Email Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm (Monday-Sunday)

Konga Press related messages/enquiries: press@konga.com

Konga Email for Partnerships messages/enquiries: partnerships@konga.com

Voucher Eamils for messages/enquiries: vouchers@konga.com

Konga Nigeria Official Phone Numbers

Phone: 01-460-5555 or +234-809-460-5555 (Operating hours: 24/7)

Call Centre Operating hours: 7am – 8pm (Monday – Friday) and 8am – 6pm weekends.

Konga Nigeria Official Contact Page

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