Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that can be called under-developed to some extent But there are a lot of beautiful cities and states that will give you the a comfortable feeling that Nigeria is going somewhere but has gotten far from where she starting . Nigeria is a country with beautiful and dynamic people with a layer of history preserved through rich traditions handed down over time from generation to generation, and its breathtaking landscape couldn’t be more diverse. Nigeria started from the scratch and today the country has progressed alot in terms of development.

Nigeria is an eclectic mix of wild and modern, its cities, both urban and regional alike. There are several States in Nigeria you should visit and it is very important you see this cities because some people believe that Nigeria is still very far from development especially people from other developed countries . I will personally counsel that they should come see for themselves as i am about to reveal the 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria 2016.

It will be a great miss-out for you if you pass without seeing or visiting any of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria i am going to be listing out right now right here .

10. Abuja, F.C.T

Abuja The most beautiful city or state in Nigeria is Abuja, F.C.T which is effortlessly and comfortably sitting at the apex of this Top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria 2016 ranking . Abuja city is one place every Nigerian should visit because the magic of the city is very captivating with a lot of places to visit for relaxation . The real Nigerian beauty lies in Abuja , if you haven’t been to Abuja it means you haven’t see the real beauty of Nigeria . Abuja has about 3 to 5 five star hotels , the roads are too good and i think it the best in the whole of Nigeria .

9. Lagos, Lagos State

Lagos Nigeria There is this funny thing about Lagos that Lagosians would easily understand anytime any day. Lagos State is one of the most beautiful cities in West Africa and it is also one of the most dirty city in Nigeria i will tell you why i said that . Before i tell you why , i would also use this opportunity to tell you that Lagos is a beautiful mystery and the most popular city in West Africa. In Lagos State , the rich is isolated from the poor and you can understand it by simply talking a look at the areas people reside . The rich people in Lagos state reside in a very serene and beautiful environment like Highland , beautiful estates erected in a very clean and motorable locations while the poor focks who can’t afford this luxury reside in the ghettos .

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8. Akure, Ondo State

AkureAt the number eight spot is another coded state in Nigeria ,Akure, Ondo State . This is the only state that is carved out from another state and i think this is the only carved out state on our list . This state is blessed with Natural things with a lot of green plants . Ondo state one of the regions who have given nature a space to breathe. It is one of the most attractive cities in Nigeria .

7. Kaduna, Kaduna State

kadunaThis is a State that the federal Government has really focused on , it is one of the cities to visit in Nigeria . People are saying that the city lack security , ignore this as it is no fact because the state still lives a normal day-to-day life but if you are still doubting me then you need to visit there ,needless to say, a good friend of mine is currently serving his NYSC there . Apart from Kaduna, There are still several beautiful states in the North but they couldn’t make this list though .

6. Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Port-HarcourtIf you love aqua life and water fronts, then i would counsel you to visit Rivers State , Port Harcourt in particular . Port Harcourt is known for its record-breaking late-night activities and entertainment scene. They have a lot of entertainment that can make you forget you have a home to go back to because you might not even want to live the city again . Do you love fancy and big hotels with spicy food because there are several hotels, lounges, clubs, dance bars and restaurants strategically built around the city . No wonder it is called the Garden City .

5. Enugu, Enugu State

EnuguThe development process in Enugu is very fast and impressive as they are busy working and doing everything possible to move the state forward . Enugu State is one big state with a lot of topography and attractive structures to stir at becuase it’s a good sight to look at those amazing structures . The development of many other cities are very slow but that of Enugu State is very fast .

4. Owerri, Imo State

Over the years , one of the state in Nigeria that has been able to adequately diversify it resources is Imo State . It started from nothing but right now it has come out to be something other states want’s to emulate . Owerri, Imo State has a lot of tourist attractions for people especially visitors that come to the state , they have the like of Oguta Lake, Ada palm plantation, Mbari cultural and art center just to mention a few .

3. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Uyo Another notable beautiful city in Nigeria is that of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State . If you have been to Uyo then you would agree with me that the city is free from potholes because their road was elaborately constructed just like that of Abuja . Another notable characteristic that Uyo cities possess is the outstanding solar street lighting system . Most other cities in Nigeria have this thing but they lack proper maintenance and go see for yourself most of them are not working as it ought to be .

2. Calabar, Cross River State

Calabar In terms of beauty , Calabar, Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State would always have it hot because non of them would agree with each other that any of this cities is more lively and beautiful than the other . Calabar is one of the most beautiful city in Nigeria and i believe everybody should know this because i have seen people who always admit it in public when discussing topic like this . A friends of mine once told me that Calabar is one of the most lavished and garnished state capitals in Nigeria that is always rolling out new development plans

1. Warri, Delta State

WarriAt the last spot , we have another city that God blessed so much , Warri, Delta State . People that are from this part are often called Wafarians , this state sits on the bank of River Warri which joins River Forcados and River Escravos through Jone Creek in the lower Niger Delta Region. The state capital of Delta State is Asaba and the development focuses in Asaba , the road network is top top as they are all beautifully constructed . There are alot of places to visit in Delta state including the Abraka Golf Course, Nana Living History Museum,911 Resorts, Delta City Mall, Red Mangrove swamp, Warri City Stadium, Olu’s Palace all linked e.t.c .


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