Most Populated States In Nigeria 2018/2019

Most Populated States In Nigeria 2018/2019

The Top 10 Most Populated States/Cities In Nigeria 2018/2019

We recently checked out the Top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria 2017 and the Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria 2017, but today we are going to be shifting the focus to another topic which is The top 10 most populated states in Nigeria 2018 estimates. Nigeria is in fact the most populated black nation on earth and also the giant of Africa. With over two thousand Indigenous languages and millions of people.

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and it is sub-divided into different states making it 36 in total. Inside these states you have different local Government under them . So many questions has been asked by curious people regarding Nigerian states and some of the questions asked frequently by fans is listed below;

  • What is Nigeria’s Population in 2017?
  • Which state in Nigeria has the highest population of people?
  • Which state in Nigeria has the lowest population of people in Nigeria?
  • What is the population of each of Nigeria’s State?
  • Which Nigerian state is the Most Populated States In 2017?

Mind you, we are not going to be attending to all this questions but we are only going to answer one at out them – “Most Populated States In Nigeria 2017″. Nigerian states population is ascertained by the National Population Census which is conducted from time to time but the most recent one was suppose to take place last year 2016 but the unstable economic condition had it postponed to 2018. According to recent report by Federal Government of Nigeria, the country is finally out of recession and this is a clear indication that it will hold as planned . We recently did a research on the most populated states/cities in Nigeria 2017 , please find the official top 10 below.


The most populated state /city in Nigeria 2017 is Lagos state and it has been like this for decades. According to reports, Lagos is unarguably the most populous city in West Africa and not just restricted to Nigeria alone. In 2006 total population of Lagos according to census is 7,682,953 but according to the Lagos State Government they recorded 17.5 million in 2012, a number disputed by the Nigerian Government and tagged incorrect by the National Population Commission of Nigeria.

  • Population: 21 million


The second most populated state in Nigeria is Kano state according to the last census conducted . 2006 population census revealed a total of 9,383,682. But the recent estimates have increased by almost a million with 3,626,068, while in year 2011 the state estimated population was 11,058,300 . But our 2018 research put the state approximately 14million population count. Some years ago, Kano State was the most populous state in the country and Hausa’s are the majority in the state.

  • Population: 16 million

3. OYO

The capital city of Oyo state is Ibadan and it is the third most populated state in Nigeria this 2017 and it has been like this for years even in 2016. At Nigerian independence, Ibadan was the largest and most populous state in the country and the third in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg. Ọyọ, usually referred to as Oyo State to distinguish it from the city of Oyo, is an inland state in south-western Nigeria . The state is bounded in the north by Kwara State, in the east by Osun State, in the south by Ogun State and in the west partly by Ogun State and partly by the Republic of Benin.

According to the state government of Oyo state, it has a population of 6,617,720 as of the 2007 but on the contrary it recent estimate of the total population is 14,993,752 . Meanwhile, our 2016 estimate manifested 15,000,000.

  • Population: 15million


Kaduna is one of the most populated cities in Africa and it is strategically located the North Central Nigeria. This state is politically classified as belonging to the now ‘North – West’ zone of the current six (6) Geo – political zones of Nigeria. Kaduna is populated by about 59 to 63 different ethnic groups perhaps more . But the dominant ethnic groups is Hausa and Fulani followed by at least 60 others according to our research. According to the 2006 Nigerian census, the state population was at 6,066,562 . The most recent calculations claims the state now has 11,652,844 while our 2016 estimation puts the state’s population at 12,000,000

  • Population: 12 million


Rivers state is one of the richest Nigerian state 2017 with it capital located in Port-Harcourt. The state has a population of 5,185,400 according to the census data released in 2006 making the state the sixth-most populous in the country as at 2017. Port Harcourt is the largest city and is economically significant as the centre of Nigeria’s oil industry. Port-harcourt city has contributed a great percentage to the development of Nigeria economy as it is the home for many foreign investors who find business opportunity in the state. The main source of the state income is from oil .  Rivers is bounded on the South by the Atlantic Ocean, to the North by Imo, Abia and Anambra States, to the East by Akwa Ibom State and to the West by Bayelsa and Delta states.

Port Harcourt has many indigenous ethnic groups: Ikwerre, Ibani, Opobo, Eleme, Okrika, and Kalabari, Etche, Ogba, Ogoni, Engenni, Obolo and others. According to our recent research , the state has 10,652,844 as the total population. While our 2016 count is around 11 million.

  • Population: 11 million


Katsina State is the sixth most populated Nigerian state 2017 . The state is located in North West zone of Nigeria and it is the capital is Katsina. The state was formed in the year 1987 from part of Kaduna State to stand on it own. The largest ethnic group in the state is The Hausa people (sometimes grouped with the Fulani as Hausa-Fulani). As of the 2006, the total population of the state was at 5,792,578 , a figure reached by the Nigerian census. According to recent estimates , the state now has a total population of 10,102,813 while the 2016 estimates is 10million.

  • Population: 10 million


Unarguably, Bauchi state is one of the most populated state in Nigeria but not one of the richest Nigerian state unfortunately. Bauchi, is a state in northern Nigeria and it capital is the city of Bauchi. The state was formed in 1976 when the former North-Eastern State was broken up. It originally included the area now in Gombe State, which became a distinct state in 1996. The state has a population of 4,653,066 according to the 2006 census. The recent count put the state total population at 9,052,784 . Our 2016 estimates assert that the state’s population around 9 million.

  • Population: 9million


Undoubtedly, one of the most populous Nigerian city is Anambra, located at the southeastern region of Nigeria. Its name is an anglicized version of the original ‘Oma Mbala’, the native name of the Anambra River. The capital of Anambra state is Awka. In this state, Onitsha and Nnewi are the biggest commercial and industrial cities respectively. The major ethnic group in Anambra state are the Igbo (98% of population) and a small population of Igala (2% of the population). As of 2006, the total population was 4,055,048. The recent one was 8,352,911 while while our 2016 estimates puts the state’s population at 8million.

  • Population: 8million


Jigawa state is mostly populated by Hausa/Fulani, who can be found in all parts of the State. And Kanuri are largely found in Hadejia Emirate, with some traces of Badawa mainly in its Northeastern parts. They are the three dominant tribe found in that location and they have managed to maintain their different ethnic identity as they co-exist together peacefully without any conflict of interest. It is safe to assert that The socio-cultural situation in Jigawa State is homogeneous and similar.

The population of Jigawa state was at 4,348,649 as of the 2006 Nigerian census. But the recent estimates manifested 8,109,251 while our 2016 estimates puts the state’s population at 8million.

  • Population: 8million


Benue state is the last Nigerian state that make the top 10 list of most populated Nigerian states/cities 2017. The state is located in the mid-belt region of Nigeria. Benue state is inhabited predominantly by the Tiv and Idoma peoples, who speak the Tiv language and Idoma, respectively. In addition, The Tiv’s comprises the Etulo’s while the Idoma’s comprises the Ufia’s (Utonkon), the Igede’s, and the Agatu’s. It is worthy to note that aside Tiv and Idoma peoples, there are also other minor ethnic groups, including the Igede, Etulo, Abakwa, Jukun, Hausa, Igbo, Akweya and Nyifon.

According to recent estimate Benue state has a total population of 7,992,784 while our Our 2016 estimated population states that 8 million is the total population of the state.

  • Population: 8million

Do you have any question or any contrary opinion about this ranking of the top 10 most populated states in Nigeria 2018/2019? if yes then drop your comment via the comment box below and we will appreciate your opinion.



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