Nigeria Postal Code List | Postal Code for Nigeria States

Nigeria Postal Code List | Postal Code for Nigeria States

After all said and done on Nigerian Post Codes some numbers of person still find it difficult to fill forms online especially when asked to input Nigeria postal code or Zip code. It is more than obvious that so many of us out there still can’t differentiate between postal code and zip code.

We are going to be telling the difference between postal code and zip code today so that you don’t confuse them by using them wrongly. Please know that Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric and it consist of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the country into nine regions, which make up the first digit of the code. The second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. While the last three digits represent the delivery location.

Most of you are confused about the correct postal code , i am going to be lecturing you about the difference between postal and zip code so that you don’t use them wrongly. ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes apply ONLY to the United States. Zip code are use for the-same purpose for which other countries use postal code and they are mostly use for mailing purpose. Zip code is relevant to the US while postal code are use in other countries. If you are filling online form anything in Nigeria and you are directed to input your Zip code , just key in 110001 or 23401 if this code doesn’t work then try 00176 . Some people has been getting it wrong by taking 234 as the ZIP code for Nigeria. It is not , this is Nigeria’s international phone dialing code.

Nigeria Postal Code List | Postal Code for Nigeria States

Abuja postal code is 900001
Abia postal code is 440001
Adamawa postal code is 640001
Akwa-Ibom postal code is 520001
Anambra postal code is 420001
Bauchi postal code is 740001
Borno postal code is 600001
Delta postal code is 320001
Edo postal code is 300001
Enugu postal code is 400001
Imo postal code is 460001
Jigawa postal code is 720001
Kano postal code is 700001
Kaduna postal code is 800001
Katsina postal code is 820001
Kebbi postal code is 860001
Kogi postal code is 260001
Kwara postal code is 240001
Lagos postal code is (Island) 101001
Lagos (Mainland) postal code is 100001
Niger postal code is 920001
Ogun postal code is 110001
Ondo postal code is 340001
Osun postal code is 230001
Oyo postal code is 200001
Plateau postal code is 930001
Rivers postal code is 500001
Sokoto postal code is 840001
Taraba postal code is 660001
Yobe postal code is 320001
Ebonyi postal code is 840001

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