Nigerian Banks Salary Structure – Current Salary Structure of Nigeria Banks

Nigerian Banks Salary Structure – How Much Nigerian Banks Pay their Workers, Entry Level

In our previous post, we checked out the highest paying banks in Nigeria but we didn’t go into details enough. This post will be laying emphasis on Nigerian Banks salary structure 2017 which is a quest to reveal how much Nigerian Banks pay their workers especially the entry level staffs.

Nigerians youths are graduating from higher institutions every year and the banking sector is their target. The reason why every Nigerian graduates would love to work in banking sector is because they are the highest salary paying organizations in Nigeria today after the Oil and Gas sector. Nigerian banking sector is overrated and seen as the best paying organisation in the country forgetting that there are a lot of poor banks out there struggling the survive.

However, how much Nigerien banks pay workers depend on so many factors like the bank it self, current bank performance, educational qualification, financial capability and amongst other factors.

I will be listing out Nigerian Banks salary structure according to their ranking;


1. Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank is unarguably the best and highest paying bank in Nigeria today. Zenith Bank  pay entry level staff around N110,000 monthly, totaling about N1,320,000 per annum. This salary structure of Zenith Bank is not constant as they are subject to change .


2. Guarantee Trust Bank

Guarantee Trust Bank is popularly abbreviated as GTBank and it is one of the most respected banks in Nigeria . They have the strongest network in the country and they are the leading bank in terms of customer friendliness and internet transactions. It no news, GTBank is one of the highest paying bank in Nigeria today . They pay workers around N209,000 per month as salary for entry level staff.


3. First Bank

First bank is truly the first in Nigeria and one of the highest paying bank in the country today. First Bank is truly the oldest bank in the country that has been there right from the time of banking evolution in the country. First Bank of Nigeria Pay entry level staff between N110,000 to N150,000 monthly. This salary increases as you stick with them.


4. Fidelity Bank

It is not really a matter of how far, it is about how well you can do it, Fidelity Bank is one of the new age banks in Nigeria and it has bettered a lot of old skul banks in Nigeria. The bank was founded in the year 1988 as Mortgage bank before it was granted permission to operate as  commercial bank in 1990. They pay entry level staff N140,000 per month.


5. Skye Bank

Skye Bank has gone very far from they started from , obviously they are still very far from their destination. They are currently doing well which is one reason why they are included on this list. Skye Bank pay entry level employees around N104,000.

6. Union Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure is N180,000 to N258,000

7. Diamond Bank Salary Structure is N240,000 but for trainees, N80,000

8. United Bank of Africa, UBA Salary Structure is N142,000

9. Key Stone Bank Salary Structure is N127,000

10. Central Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure is N122,000 including allowances

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