Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Salary Structure

Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Salary Structure

The Nigeria Customs Service ranks and salary Structure is an information that is frequently sought after online . Read everything you need to know on this page

Not long ago, Nigerian Customs Service expressed satisfaction regarding the increase in their monthly salary . The sudden increase of salary was highly welcomes by NCS officials nation-wide. The high point of the salary increase was that all cadres of Customs officers had their monthly take home pay increased . This development was in line with the increase in salaries for public servants which was approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria .

Meanwhile, Nigerian Customs Service NCS recent salary structure for Para-military personnel is also known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS). In the new NCS salary structure, there is a great increase as well as the allowances for Para-military personnel. The increase of NSC salary also affected all Para-military organizations in the country.

However, all members of staff in the service can’t benefit from the allowances because some officers are not within the rank that is allowed to enjoy this allowances . These allowances are given to specific staff of the Nigerian custom services depending on their rank in the service.

Listed after the jump is the list of allowances accrued to the Nigeria Customs Service officers while their basic salary is excluded.

Hardiness allowance
Plain-Cloth allowance
Utility allowance
Meal subsidy
Hazards allowance
Personal Servant
Transport allowance
Torchlight allowance
Detective allowance
Furniture allowance
General Services allowance
House maintenance allowance
Uniform maintenance allowance

The rent allowance has not been consolidated with the rest of the emoluments but only given to those officers not provided accommodation by the Federal Government. It is the Federal Government that is responsible for providing accommodation for some of the men and officers of the Nigerian Customs Services. While those that are not given accommodation are directed to get accommodation elsewhere and the government will include their accommodation allowances to their salary.

The top cadres will receive a higher accommodation allowance, while the lower cadres will receive less allowance depending on their qualifications. According to the recent NCS salary structure published by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the least paid Customs Inspector will earn a total salary of N29,779 per month. Followed by an additional N4,740 as rent subsidy if he does not occupy Government Quarters.


Nigeria Customs Service Ranks

Ranks of the Nigeria Customs Service NCS is unknown at this time, this information will be easily available to the general public once it is publicized by the Nigeria Customs Service. If you want to know Nigeria Customs Service Ranks simply bookmark this page and also like our Facebook page so that the update can effortlessly get to you.

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