Nigerian Ministers Salary Structure & Allowances (Monthly & Yearly)

Nigeria is a great country , yes this is Nigeria where the destiny of a great country rest in the shoulders of few politicians and the Ministers, Senators and Governors are not excluded from this group. It no longer news that the richest people in Nigeria are the politicians and about 40% of these wealthy people are ministers.

Nigerian ministers earn a lot of money per month and yearly basis . The painful and heartbreaking part of it all is that even those once that sit down all day without contributing anything in the government still get their monthly pay at the end of the month. Becoming a minister in Nigeria is not an easy thing because their is a huge competition for this position and we know their interest is the money that comes with it. Before we continue this article , we are going to take out some time to explain who a minister is and their duties.

Nigerian ministers are members of the Cabinet of Nigeria which is headed by the President Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, that is the president of the country. The forerunner of the Cabinet is presently controlled by Muhammadu Buhari. The ministers are being appointed by the president and him alone has the power to strip them off their power if need be. They are in charge of taking control of all the ministers in Nigeria and give feedback to Mr President  during Executive Council Meetings. The system of Government in Nigeria only allow 19 ministers to be appointed in the Cabinet of Nigeria.

This article is created to address how Nigerian ministers are being paid in terms of their salary so that our readers would know how much they earn . We are going to be giving you the breakdown of  the salaries of ministers in Nigeria in line with the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) guided by the Remuneration Act of 2007. Nigerian ministers are paid N487 million annually as remuneration. The figure we are going to be revealing later on this post is paid to the various ministers on yearly basis while the Ministers of State are paid 88% of what the regular ministers take home. Unfortunately, present Nigerian minister earn less than the once in previous administration. The present  economic realities gave rise to the need to reduce remunerations for Nigeria ministers.

Judging from several indications, it seems the economic downturn that hit hard on Nigerians is coming to an end. It will really be a good one for the country because Naira will strengthen against dollar again and many dying businesses will start doing well again.

  • Basic salary of Nigerian Ministers is N2,026,400
  • Car Refueling and Service is N1,519,000
  • Domestic Staff is N1519,000
  • Entertainment is N911,800
  • Utilities cost N607,920.
  • Personal Assistant allowance is N506,600
  • Monitoring allowance is N405,280
  • Newspaper allowance is N303,960.
  • Leave Allowance is N202,640.
  • Tour duty allowance is N35,000.
  • Estacode allowance is $900 per night
  • Housing allowance is N4,052,800.
  • Furniture allowance is N6,079,200.
  • Motor Vehicle loan is N8,105,600.

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