Nigerian Navy Salary Structure / How Much They Earn Monthly

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure / How Much They Earn Monthly

Wedon my people, last time you took a good look at Nigerian Navy Ranks  but today we are going to be focusing this gist on Nigerian Navy Salary Structure so that we all can now have a clear insight on the Salary of a Nigerian Naval Officer as well as how they are being paid whether monthly or yearly.

We have come to understand that a lot of people out there are curious and wants to know how much the men and officers of the Nigerian Navy earn on monthly basis especially those once that wants to join Nigerian Navy.

To satisfy our overzealous readers, we wrote on Nigerian Navy Ranks which was a partial fulfilment of this quest , the remaining task is to reveal the Nigerian Navy Salary Scale Structure .

This information regarding the Nigerian Navy Salary Scale Structure are being digged on by those people who are interested in joining the Nigerian Navy , they are waiting for the opportunity to get recruit into
Nigerian Navy so that they can serve their country.

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Prospective Navy recruits are those people very curious to know the salary scale/ structure . They want to have an idea of how they will be paid by the time they are employed by this military body. I understand very well why they want to know how Nigerian Navy pay their officer ,at least they ought to know how their pay will look like to avoid regrets by the time they are successfully given the job.

One of the notable thing about this Nigerian Navy salary is that officers are paid in accordance to their rank, the higher your rank the higher your pay that is how it work.

People are fond of searching for this information mostly when the time for Navy recruitment form is drawing nearer. We have come to understand that many people are interested in taking Nigerian Navy form because of the several benefits associated with it.

The number one benefit is the financial aspect while the other one is the respect given to any member of the Nigerian armed forces as far you are putting on their uniform you will be feared and respected irrespective of who is wearing the uniform. It is also a thing of joy to be among those few Nigerians protecting the integrity of the nation.

Many people have been searching for this information but their effort has proven abortive because it is not easily found online, but we are going to be doing that for you for free as it  is our utmost responsibility to feeding you with relevant information that will add value to your life.


Nigerian Navy Salary Structure

Please bear with us because this information here is not complete , we only reveal the salary of some  ranking officers in the Nigerian Navy . This is how much they earn but know that this article is under update , as soon as we find the missing part we will add them up asap.

—    Admiral in the Nigerian Navy is paid on yearly basis N16,303,140
—    Vice Admiral is paid on yearly basis a total of ₦13,363,229
—    Real-Admiral is paid on yearly basis a total of ₦12,038,945
—    Commodore is paid on yearly basis a total of ₦7,385,856
—    Captain is paid on yearly basis a total of N3,715,859
—    Commander is paid on yearly basis a total of ₦3,380,086

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