Official Nigerian Peace Corp Ranks & Salary Structure

Right about now, we are heading on to another topic where we will be checking out Nigerian Peace Corp Ranks and Salary Structure and logo. Many of us has applied for Nigerian Peace Corps Recruitment 2017 and many came out successful while others couldn’t make it . For those once that was able to scale through the selection process you could use this Nigerian Peace Corps Ranks And Salary Structure .

As an official of Peace Corps of Nigeria you ought to know the correct ranking structure and you should  also have an idea of how your pay is going to look like that is why we are obliging you with this information about Nigerian Peace Corp Ranks & Salary Structure. Nigerian military agencies ranking system varies, the one that is seen in the ranking system of  NSCDC , air force ,FRSC,Nigerian customs and navy is different from that of Peace Corps of Nigeria. But they have a little similarities .

On the other hand, the salary structure of Nigeria Peace Corp (PCN) is not common as it is very difficult to get. But the salary of any Nigeria Peace Corp official depends on his or her rank. The high ranking officers earn more than the officials at the grass-root of the rank, the same is application to other military agencies including  Nigerian Airforce , Navy ,customs, NSCDC, FRSC etc. The implication of this is that the officers at the apex of this rank will earn higher than the once at the buttom. Unfortunately, Salary Structure of The Nigerian Peace Corp has no official report because they don’t reveal such information . But it can not remain like this forever, we anticipate that it will be revealed as soon as possible.

According to the official website of the Peace Corp of Nigeria, the agency is funded from different sources that include Enlistments Fee;  Subventions from Governments and Private Corporations;  Weekly Development Fee by Members; Donations from Local and International Donor Agencies;Camp Fees;Identity Card Fees; Grants for specific projects; Gifts and Bequest. The money that is gotten from this sources are use to pay the salary of all  officers and staff of the corp. Fortunately, The Peace Corps of Nigeria has recently been passed into bill by the Senate of Nigeria and it has been  fully approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria . This officials of the  Peace Corps of Nigeria has finally been placed under a payment resulting from the passing of the agency into law.

For now, we only have the correct Peace Corp of Nigeria Ranks. We will be bringing you their corresponding salary structure once we find it.


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