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Official Nigerian Police Ranks : Ranks Of The Nigeria Police

Official Nigerian Police Ranks : Ranks Of The Nigeria Police

Yesterday , we disclosed the new Nigerian Police Salary Structure and today we are unto the next one to release the official Nigeria Police Rank which can also be rephrased as Ranks in the Nigeria Police Force.

The Nigerian Police Force is faced with the duty of protecting Nigerians and their properties . They are dedicated to doing this task with joy and integrity because protecting lives and properties of Nigerians is their utmost responsibility. Nigerian police are the main law enforcement agencies in Nigeria and they arrest people that break the law as they work hand in hand with all the three arms of the government.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has recently disclosed that the Nigerian police will be embarking on 2017 massive recruitment before the end of 2017. From every indications , we are very sure that this 2017 massive police recruitment is around the corner . On this note, all interested applicants are to get ready for this selection process. Do you have any passion or desire to go into a career in the Nigeria Police? then, i recommend you acquaint yourself with Ranks in the Nigeria Police so that you will have a clear insight of how their ranking look like because you might be asked this question the their interview.

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This post is meant to educate everybody but it is specially created for those people who wants to become a police man or police woman . This information will give you an idea of what you are about to sign up for and perhaps you can start making important plans on how to climb to the highest level of your career.

Before i list out the complete Nigeria Police Ranks, i will give you a hint .The highest rank in the hierarchy of Nigerian police is Inspector General of Police, anyone holding this position is in charge of commanding the Nigeria police. His duties is giving out instructions, directives and orders for others to follow police officers at the bottom of the rank. The command flows from up to the down of the chain of command. The person after the Inspector General of Police is Deputy Inspector General of Police who takes order and report to the IG . This position is in line with Section (1) of the Police Act, which has it that he is the second in Command of the Nigeria Police, he shall represent the IG of Police whenever he is not around.

The third person is the Commission of Police who is in control of contingents of the Police Force stationed in a state. This appointment is provided for by the Section 5 of the Police Act. And Section 215; Subsection 2 of the Nigeria Constitution. The next rank is the Deputy Commissioner Of Police followed by Assistant Commissioner Of Police and so on.

To keep this clear and simple , we are going to be listing them out in their order of seniority.

Nigerian Police Force Ranks

—Inspector General of Police (Highest Rank In The Nigerian Police Force)
—Deputy Inspector General of Police
—Assistant Inspector General of Police
—Commissioner of Police
—Deputy Commissioner of Police
—Assistant Commissioner of Police
—Chief Superintendent of Police
—Superintendent of Police
—Deputy Superintendent of Police
—Assistant Superintendent of Police
—Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police
—Corporal (Lowest Rank in The Nigerian Police Force)

For more information i suggest you visit the Nigerian Police Force official portal on This the official Nigerian police Ranks , please don’t accept any other ranking that conflict this one here.

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