How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Contact Numbers(Phone & Sim)

How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Contact Numbers(Phone & Sim)

I have received  lots of emails and phones calls recently from my readers urging me to teach them how to recover and retrieve their MTN Sim backup contacts that they backed up online. If you are an MTN Subscribers and your phone or SIM card got missing or stolen then today is your lucky day because this post has in it ” How to Retrieve Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers”.

The least you could learn after reading this article is simple steps involve in retrieving Your MTN Backup Mobile Contact Numbers but if you are a slow learner and you couldn’t get the steps clearly then you can call or Email me via my phone number on the contact us page.

For those of us who use MTN SIM and your mobile phone got missing , stolen, Your SIM got spoilt, your phone got spoilt or your contacts was mistakenly deleted — but fortunately, you backed up your contacts. If you have been searching for a means to recover your backed up sim contacts this post is for you as it can help you retrieve your MTN contact on your own without needing further help form anybody. I am assuming that you have already backed up your MTN sim contacts some time ago , this short and simple tutorials will help you easily restore or retrieve your MTN Backup contacts for free, But for those of you that are yet to backup your MTN sim card our subsequent post will be addressing that topic.

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Backing up your MTN is like uploading your SIM contact to the net where it is very secure, secure and untouchable by anyone. It is a  secured internet data server designed by MTN to help their subscribers save their contacts for in case of any misplacement of phone ,you can effortlessly recover them from this MTN central data base any time . This service is only designed to work on selected mobile phone because it doesn’t work on all type of phone. This service by MTN allows you  store  up to 200 phone contacts on your line and 5,000 plus SIM contacts in their database and it works on the mobile phone enumerated below.

LG — Motorola — Blackberry —  Alcatel — Arima — Panasonic — Sagem — Simbit — Sony Ericsson — Vertu — ZTE — HTC
— Window phones — Sanyo — Samsung — BenQ-Siemens — Android phones — Nokia (capable of browsing the internet) — Techno (capable of browsing the internet).


The Steps Involve in Retrieving Your MTN SIM Backup Contacts



You should login to the MTN Backup site or just hit this link ( to get to the portal. Just login with your details that is your phone number abd your password that was earlier sent to you.


Now, go to DEVICES and locate where  your last backup was done.


At this stage you are to select your phone type from the list of phones that matches your current phone to scale through this step.


Choose the option ‘Sync now’ and after a short while you will receive a message requesting your permission to proceed


Click continue and wait for sometimes while the synchronization progresses


After the operation has been completed a message will be displayed – “Operation Successful, Thank you.” Your current phone will get updated with your contacts and all other data saved on your old phone.


Select Ok to conclude the process.

You will receive a confirmation message from MTN that will notify you that your back-up was successful. That is all, use the comment box if you have any question in mind.


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