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Smile is one of the leading 4G LTE broadband internet service provider in Nigeria and other African countries. Their network is similar to other internet service providers such as Swift, ipNX, Spectranet and Cobranet but we are going to share with you in this piece Smile 4G LTE internet data plans & bundles.

Smile 4G LTE is the fastest internet service provider in the country today and they also offer voice services to their customers. As of July 2017, Smile Communications has successfully rolled out their network in areas like Kaduna, Abuja, Benin city, Ibadan, Lagos, Onitsha, Asaba ,Port Harcourt and they are still spreading the super cool network .

Mind you, Smile Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack can be purchased at the price of ₦23,000 and it includes One Wi-Fi router, one SIM plus 10GB data. The Smile MiFi Router Starter Pack is sold for ₦16,000 only which includes One MiFi router, one SIM and 5GB data. You can also purchase the Smile SIM Only Starter Pack on one condition, that is if you already have a universal MiFi or Wi-Fi . All you have to do is simply insert the Sim into your device and you are cool. The SIM Only Starter Pack is sold for ₦2,300 only and you will get one Sim and 2GB complementary data.

Smile offers a variety of data bundles which has been specially designed to suit every type of user. Regardless of how often and frequent you surf the net there is a bundle that can handle that task for you . Find below the various data bundle plans offered by smile at the moment.

Smile 4G LTE Internet Data Plans & Bundles + Starter Pack Prices


Smile Anytime Plans


Smile Anytime Bundles Validity Period Bundle Price Out-of-Bundle Rate in
PPU (Pay-Per-Use) 3,000 per GB
500MB 30 days 1,500 3,000 per GB
2GB 30 days 1,800 1,800 per GB
3GB 30 days 4,000 1,334 per GB
5GB 30 days 5,500 1,100 per GB
10GB 12 months 9,000 900 per GB
20GB 12 months 17,000 850 per GB
50GB 12 months 36,000 720 per GB
100GB 12 months 70,000 700 per GB
200GB 12 months 135,000 675 per GB

Smile Home Night and Weekend Plans


Smile Home Night and Weekend Bundles Validity Period Bundle Price in Out-of-Bundle Rate in
5GB 30 days 4,000 800 per GB
10GB 30 days 7,500 750 per GB
20GB 30 days 14,000 700 per GB


Smile Packages & Starter Pack Prices


Smile Packages Package Includes Package Price in
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack One Wi-Fi router + one SIM + 10GB data 23,000
MiFi Router Starter Pack One MiFi router + one SIM + 5GB data 16,000
SIM Only Starter Pack One SIM + 2GB data 2,300


This is Smile’s internet telephone service which enables you to call any number in the world with a VoLTE (Voice over LTE) phone and your Smile SIM card. To use this service you must download the SmileVoice app. You are charged from your data allowance with an equating rate of 8.79 kobo per second.


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