Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs in Nigerian 2017: Nigerian Wedding Blogs

The Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs in Nigerian 2017/2018: Nigerian Wedding Blogs that is slaying right now

The importance of Wedding Blogs to many union today can’t be thrown in a trash can and i will give you some cogent reasons why i said so. The real beauty of any marriage can be seen in their wedding photos ; that is the r0mance, hugs and affection can be communicated via the photos . The job of Nigerian wedding blogs is to put up recent wedding pictures of both traditional and white wedding on their websites, give wedding tips to intending couples , motivation and inspiration, cake inspirations, bridal train, showcasing style, cool choice locations e.t.c.

In time immemorial 80s or 90s, weddings were simple events that was not taken seriously but they do it to fulfill all righteousness, weddings aren’t ‘just’ events anymore because things has really change a big deal. These days, marriages is one of the most serious events held in Nigeria , sometimes you might even begin to wonder if it is really worth the stress . Marriages in Nigeria especially celebrity wedding is now a serious business that is not taken lightly , the heartbreaking part is that it doesn’t last that is why i don’t really believe in heavy marriages because after spending millions and billions of Naira in organizing the wedding ceremony it hits the rock after few months which is a sad one. Only few marriage are able to stand the test of time , let’s forget the negative part of wedding and talk about the sweet part of it. Starting a wedding blog in Nigeria can be very demanding and challenging but we are officially acknowledging some reputable Nigerian wedding blogs that has survive all these years.

We will be helping you by sharing with you some cool wedding blogs that is capable of giving your wedding ceremony the desired publicity and attractiveness you crave for. We have researched on the top wedding blogs/websites in Nigeria and we are going to be listing them in no particular order.


Top 10 Best Wedding Blogs in Nigerian 2017: Nigerian Wedding Blogs

1. My Wedding Nigeria

If the thought of top wedding blog ever run through your mind, then, My Wedding Nigeria is the first you should think about because it is the best Wedding Blogs/Website in Nigeria today. This blog gives intending couples the desired wedding tips, motivation and inspiration, showcasing style and so on. Photos from traditional and white wedding are uploaded on a daily basis. If you need heads-up on dress style you should check out this blog.



2. Wedding Digest Naija

If its not Wedding Digest Naija then it can never be like Wedding Digest Naija. If you want to have a clear idea on how a cool wedding blog should look like i suggest you visit this blog to educate yourself. Everything about this site is just perfect , from the theme design to the widget design and i am not leaving out the quality photos. Wedding Digest Naija covers celebrity weddings and also give relationship advise to intending couples . This is the best place to check out wedding dresses, “Aso-Ebi” style, ‘stylespiration’, wedding resources e.t.c.



3. Nigeria Wedding Blog

This blog gives you that knowledge you need on fashion, event vendors, cake inspiration, pre-wedding plans, bridal train outfit, e.t.c. This is one of the well designed wedding blogs that ditches out updated info on fashion and style choices, wedding showcases and pre-wedding shoot.



4. Wedding Feferity

This is another popular wedding blog that feeds followers with up-to-date info as far as wedding is concerned . They are tested and trusted in areas like current information on style and fashion trends, pre-wedding shoots and they also organize wedding seminars for intending couples to help them manage their marital life.


5. Nigerian Weddings Guide

Obviously, they are not the best wedding blog in Nigeria but what they know how to do best is delivering upcoming events to followers, sharing wedding photos. They are also into giving intending couples the right information like location, photographers, choice of location and wedding planning.


6. Bella Naija

Ranking the best wedding blogs in Nigeria without including Bella Naija is like making a funny joke . Bella Naija is unquestionably the most popular wedding blog in Nigeria, but it couldn’t make number 1 because it is a multi niche blog that carries other gists just like Nigerian recruitment. It wedding section is so authentic and it something you can write home about, fashion bloggers do visit this blog to catch a glimpse on wedding dresses like Aso-Ebi “Ao-Ebi-Bella” and other dresses . If you are getting married soon and you need some headsup on the type of dress style to use then check out Bella Naija blog for more tips.



7. All About Naija Weddings

As the name implies, they are All About Nigerian Weddings. If you are a guy and its time to get yourself a wife i personally recommend for all your wedding related tips and heads-up. It’s your part-finder in getting good vendor, nice inspirational posts that can guide your decision. But just judge this blog with the poor website design, just make use of it resources and take your leave.


8. Sugar Weddings

Do you wish to be well informed with the latest fashion,style, wedding trends, general wedding showcase? then follow Sugar Weddings and never miss out of this juicy wedding gist. They also update recent wedding photos that will go a long way to shape your choice of wedding dress .



9. Jide Odukoye

This wedding blog was launched by an enthusiast photographer, Jide Odukoye, whose love for beautiful photos motivated his second career. He is a renowned photographer known for wedding photography, event photography that is competent in helping you out with style choice for your upcoming event. His blog is know for regular uploads of cool pictures taken from wedding ceremonies.



10. Rose Blossom Bridal

Just like the rest of them, Rose Blossom Bridal is into photos showcasing,pre-wedding shoot, cover weddings, provide a variety of bridal services and tips on wedding location. They can also guide intending couples on how to plan your wedding and other relevant tips.


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