Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria 2018

This is The Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria | Companies that Pay Highest Salaries in Nigeria

Getting the best education in Nigeria is one thing but breaking into the labour market is another thing. Securing a job in Nigeria today is like seeking for US visa talk much of getting a high paying one which is almost impossible in Nigeria today except under the intervention of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The dream of every fresh graduate is to get a good job and start living that fancy life but these days that dream seem more like a fantasy but it is achievable as the chances are very narrow. Are you a fresh graduate seeking job in Nigeria? then we are going to be doing you a favour as we introduce you to The Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria 2018.

Mind you, the Top 10 Companies that Pay Highest Salaries in Nigeria are into sectors like Banking, Food and Drinks, Oil & Gas (such as NNPC and Chevron),Telecommunication companies (such as MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria etc), Construction companies, Building materials companies and so on. We are aware that there are greener pastures in the oil world but don’t fail to tap into other job opportunities that comes your way because your career doesn’t have to be built around Oil and Gas companies alone.

It is a norm that job seekers would always want to know the companies that pay highest salaries in Nigeria and their first resort is find out on Google. There are quite some numbers of related articles on the net, but i decided to intervene into this matter so that we can give you the updated version of this information . After our recent research, we created this post to put job seekers in the known concerning the top companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries.

The Top salary paying companies in Nigeria have realize that the only way to motivate employee, influence employee’s sufficiency and proficiency is to ensure that their pay and allowance is fair enough. This is the only way to get the best out of any employee.

1. SPDC a.k.a Shell (Oil & Gas Sector)

Entry level salary for staff working in Shell Nigeria is between the range of N1million to a N6million.


2. Chevron (Oil & Gas Sector)

Chevron is an America oil company in Nigeria. They deal in Oil & Gas, Chevron salary for entry level staff is around N2 million to N3 million.


3. Mobil (Oil & Gas Sector)

Exxonmobil is an America company , they are the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. They pay entry level staff around N3.6million to N9.6million annually


4. NNPC (Oil & Gas Sector)

NNPC is in charge of regulating the activities of other Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria .They pay entry staff about N1.56million per year.


5. MTN Nigeria (Telecommunication)

MTN Nigeria unarguably the leading telecommunication giant in Nigeria today and the most popular. MTN Nigeria pay N2 million per annum for their entry staff.


6. Nestle Nigeria PLC

This company is the one of the most famous producers of house-hold items in Nigeria. They pay nothing less than N1 to N2.5million per annum to entry level staff.


7. The Nigeria Civil Service (Federal)

I don’t really know why many people prefer Government jobs, several person would rather prefer to be a Nigerian civil servant. Perhaps the reason is because there is no job security in the private sector . Their annual salary is between N960 thousand to N1.2 million.


8. Total (Oil and Gas Sector)

Total pay entry level staff about N5 million and above annually. One factor that determine their pay is location. For example, staff in Port-Harcourt may earn higher than a staff in Lagos.

9. Dangote Group

The is one of the richest company in Africa and the richest in Nigeria. It is owned by African richest billionaire, Chief Aliko Dangote. We larnt that Dangote Group have a good salary package for workers but unfortunately we couldn’t get the exact figure.

10. Nigeria Breweries

This is Government owned company, Nigeria Breweries pay entry staff from N800 thousand and above. Their salary structure is cool as revealed by some of their workers.


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