Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria (2018 Updated)

The top 10 most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria is what we are going to look into on this page today. The important of education in the lives of our children can’t be over emphasized , in fact it is like a ticket to  better life in Nigeria for many citizens of the country . Most of the expensive secondary schools in Nigeria are are the best and they are located in the major cities of Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt ,Ogun, Jos etc.

Because of the key role that education play in our lives today, many parents strive to give their children the best education. Getting the best education is Nigeria today is not easy because it is very expensive, many private secondary schools in Nigeria charge an unbelievable high and almost unacceptable fee and if you are ready to get the best education you can’t help it but attend these secondary schools because most secondary schools are far behind in many areas and they are not capable to teaching your children to the current standard of learning .

Obviously, the most expensive private secondary schools in Nigeria are far more  expensive than some top private universities in Nigeria  it sounds funny right? but it is the simple truth . There are several secondary schools in Nigeria but only few of them know what they are doing  . The best  among them offer quality education to their students and they are believed to be attended by wealthy Nigerian children whose parents can afford such extravagant/high tuition fee. Meanwhile, there are also  regular secondary schools with cheap tuition fees in Nigeria that could still offer quality education, but Nigerian billionaires would rather prefer to put their children in the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria because of the trustworthiness people have for standards schools. Notwithstanding, they can’t be  compared to these expensive secondary schools that has been able to create a high profile and unquestionable reputation for themselves.

The findings of our recent research reveals that some private secondary schools in Nigeria charge from N2 million to over N4.5 million per annul/year. At this junction w are bring you the 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2018.

Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria (Updated 2018 Ranking)

1. British International School, Lagos:

The most expensive secondary school in Nigeria is British International School and it is  located in Lagos state, Nigeria. It is situated at Landbridge Avenue, Oniru Private Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is a multi-national co-educational English medium school established in September 2001 by the British. According to our recent research, it is the modern secondary school in Lagos and also Nigeria, it current  title was won due to it  excellent facilities which include a multi-purpose hall, music suites, theatre, computer suites, science suites, tutorial rooms, swimming pool and many more. School fee are paid in foreign currency but when paid in Naira it amounts to N4,480,000 annually. Feeding, uniforms, textbooks etc are included in the tuition fee.

2. Lekki British International School, Lagos:

Lekki British International School is situated at Victoria Arobieke Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos and it was established  in the year 2000. The school supplies the needs of each student and their set standard is  like that of international standard with their condusive environment that aid the pursuit of study and recreation. Their classes are fully air-conditioned and equipped, they have common room with cable television video and other recreational facilities. Their tuition fee amount to  N4,000,300 per session

3. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta:

Day Waterman College is located at 35 hectares of natural landscape in Asu, near Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is a  modern co-educational boarding school designed to make learning process easy for all students . They offer admission for children between the ages  of 11 – 16. The  outstanding quality of their facilities and equipment makes their reputation amazing. Their learning facilities and environment is everything and something to write home about. Their tuition fee amount to N3.7 million per annum.

4. Whiteplains British School, Abuja:

As the name suggest, Whiteplains British School provide a British pattern of education for students of all ethnic backgrounds from the ages of 2 – 18 years. Whiteplains British School is located in FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Some years ago precisely in January 2011, the school started offering adult education in the form of University of Cambridge Professional Diplomas. Their tuition fee cost about N3.6 million per annum .

5. Greensprings School, Lagos:

Greensprings School is located  at 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony, Lagos, it was established in January 1985. It has two campus just like the universities and polytrechnics , the other campus is located in Awoyaya, Lekki (Lagos). They  charge a total of N3,185,200 annually for a boarding student and N1,925,200 for a day student .

6. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja:

The school is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, situated on 28.5-hectare site in the village of Gidan Mangoro. They charge as much as N2,800,000 per student. It was founded in 1996 with JSS1.

7. Hillcrest School, Jos:

Hillcrest School was founded in the year in 1942 and they target missionary children, it is located in the city of Jos which is one of the major cities in Nigeria. They charge as much as N2,650,000 for senior school students.

8. Atlantic Hall, Lagos:

Atlantic Hall was founded  in January 1989 by the Atlantic Hall Educational Trust Council, a registered non-profit sharing organization. It is a full boarding secondary school located in Lagos, Nigeria. They charges about two million, two hundred and seventy thousand naira (N2,270,000) for a student.

9. Chrisland College, Lagos:

Chrisland is equal to the task in many areas like modern  teaching method, sophisticated teaching facilities,air-conditioned classrooms, modern laboratories, music and drama studio, free wifi / internet access for all students etc. It is located at Ejigbo road, Idimu, Egbeda in Lagos . Their school fee are paid either annually or termly, Their tuition fee amounts to  two million naira (N2,000,000) annually which will take care of all expenses.

10. Dowen College, Lekki Lagos:

Dowen College is the 10th most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria 2017, their school fee is about two million naira (N2,000,000) per annum for  boarding student and one million, two hundred and fifty-thousand Naira (N1,250,000), for day students.  Dowen College is situated  in Lekki, Lagos . The school comprises boarding and day houses.

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