Top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria 2017/2018

This post have in it “The 10 Poorest States in Nigeria 2017” . Those of you who want to know the richest states in Nigeria , we are going to hit you with that in our subsequent article.

A good numbers of times , our fans have asked us about the poorest states in Nigeria but due to our tight schedule we have not been able to write an article to address to topic. Obviously, Nigeria is a country that is blessed abundantly with numerous natural resources among which crude oil is the most important. Nigeria is made up of 36 states and each of them are contributing to the development of the country, they are all productive because they are all utilizing the available natural resources to it full potentials.

One of the observable thing about the country Nigeria is that crude oil has become the driving force that supports the Nigerian economy and this has made the country to be over dependent on the crude oil revenue and other sources of revenue have been neglected by Nigerian government which is not a good one for the country. From careful calculation , what Nigeria need right now is a strong and honest government capable of managing these natural resources to generate its revenue and open other potentials that can produce more revenue for the country. Most of the poorest states in Nigeria find themselves in such condition due to bad governance, mismanagement of state resources or security issues as the case may be.

Nigeria is a developing country but it is not the poorest in Africa, while some of them are among the few states that are doing well, at least in terms of internally generated revenue, IGR, others are among the poorest states of the country. That is why we are going to be checking out the top 6 Poorest States In Nigeria 2017 .

1. Zamfara State

The poorest state in Nigeria 2017 is Zamfara State those people that have been there would accept this without thinking twice. It is only Zamfara State that they don’t reject turned money or currency. The poverty rate in Zamfara state is do high that you wouldn’t want to reside there not even for one week. I have been to quite a number of states in Nigeria but Zamfara State is the less developed city . The only thing that appeal to me in Zamfara state is the good roads but the problem is that hiw many people have cars . One of the obvious reason why Zamfara is the poorest state in Nigeria is because of the sharia law they are practicing there.

2. Sokoto State

The poorest state in Nigeria after  Zamfara is Sokoto state, it is located  in the extreme Northwest with very dry climate conditions. Experts has shown that the  temperature sometimes goes up to as high as 45oC on a normal day. This state has 81.2% on poverty level. It has a  harsh climate conditions which has made its a no go area .  inhabitants of Sokoto state are into  full time agricultural practice or something related. Zamfara State is also into agricultural as they take it as their pride.

3. Kastina State

The third poorest state in Nigeria is Kastina which is  found in the North central part of Nigeria. Just like Zamfara State and Sokoto state, the inhabitants of Kastina are into farming and this state is the third poorest in Nigeria with a poverty rate of 74.5%.

4. Adamawa State

Adamawa State was created in the year 1991 from the extinct Gongola state, Adamawa has of late been terrorized by the Boko Haram terrorists, disrupting its economic development and growth. The economy of this state has been  crippled by  Boko Haram frequent attacks. Several inhabitants has flee the state running away for their dear life .This menace has affected this state adversely. This situation has placed the state poverty level on 74.2%.

5. Gombe state

Gombe state is one of the poorest states in Nigeria located at the north-eastern part of Nigeria . Just like Adamawa State it suffers sporadic attacks from Boko Haram terrorists. The main occupation of the people in Gombe state is farning and It has a poverty rate of 74.2%. From our digging we were able to find out that Mineral deposit and petroleum deposits have recently been discovered in the state.

6. Jigawa State

This state is firmly situated at the north-western part of Nigeria and basically populated by the Hausa/Fulani tribe. Jigawa is carved out from Kano state and it has a 74.1% percent poverty rate. It was noticed that  Jigawa State has low literacy level and low economic growth. it has a a 74.1% percent poverty rate.

You should never forget that these states are not the only state in Nigeria struggling to meet up, there are other states that are also suffering form penury as well and they are;

  • 6. Plateau state
  • 7. Ebonyi state
  • 8. Bauchi
  • 9. Kebbi


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