Top 5 Most Popular / Visited Websites In Nigeria

Top 5 Most Popular / Visited Websites In Nigeria 2018 — Having your site rank among the Most Popular Websites in Nigeria is one of the greatest achievements of any passionate blogger or website owner but converting this fantasy into reality is where the work lies. Obviously the the Most Popular Websites in Nigeria seem to be the most visited websites as well. The essence of this article is to get you informed  as we are going to be listing the top 5 out for you.

The dream of all bloggers in the world is to make his or her blog rank well in search engine and drive that hugh traffic to blog with the great content that is regularly updated on the portal. But the problem is that making it to this point  takes a great deal of hard work, strategy and investment. It means you have to work as if you are going to die tomorrow, write your article in a very strategic way to attract audience above all you must be ready to spend money on your blog especially for periodic online promotion.

There are thousands and millions of  individual websites in Nigeria and most of them are in the same niche with similar content, very identical article. This phenomenon leads to a lot of competition for favorable ranking on Google as well as other popular search engines. Only those website that has earn a lot of reputable will only appear first on google search engine while the other once that is not equal to the task will be thrown to a far page because they are not relevant. The websites that rank higher on the search engines will receive most traffic while the poorly ranks once will be  suffering with low traffic problem. There are several factors that determines whether a website will rank well or rank less on search , it is  Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) this also depend on obedience or adherence to search engine regulations and guidelines such as quality content (no copied content), page speed , keyword relevance SEO optimization.

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The ranking of these websites is based on their Alexa Ranking . One thing that increase alexa rankings is the amout of traffic the website receives daily and monthly. Without much ado, here is the the 10 (ten) most popular sites in Nigeria , they are also the most visited .


The most visited and most popular website in Nigeria 2017 is and there is no doubt about that. This forum was far very popular last year 2016 , you will be wowed by the amount of users coming to this site as it has
millions of registered users tons of new visitors daily. is also Nigeria’s number one largest online forum ahead of Gistmania. This popular forum was founded by a man named Seun Osewa in 2005. One of the interesting things about Nairaland is the funny comments you find there, most times i only scan through the comment section especially when i want to laugh out loud and walk away .


The second most popular and most visited website in Nigeria is This website need little or no introduction because it has become a household name in Nigeria right now as they have been able to build a brand for them self. Well, for the few people that may not know this site, it is an online e-commerce site in Nigeria where you can order for any kind of products online and you pay on delivery after receiving the goods. At you choose from a wide range of commodities online, all you have to do is navigate through the products and hit orders when you find what interests you.


When talking about the most visited blog or website and the most popular websites in Nigeria the list will remain incomplete when you have not included This blog is own my the richest and most celebrated blogger in the whole of Africa, Linda Ikeji and the url is Her income comes from the several advertisement banners on her site widget and she also uses google adsense. Her blog is one of the  fully/well monetized blogs in Nigeria.

4. Naij.Com:

From what i have understood here, you ought to be familiar to almost all the most visited and popular websites i have listed because they are the most talked about sites in NIgeria . Naij.Com is in that category, coming out the fourth most popular websites in Nigeria 2017.  Naij another online portal that has been well monetized . Sometimes i try to imagine how much they realize from adsense each month, it should be very massive. Naij  offers  breaking news, music, information on Nigeria and it is common among NIgeria youth especially those that have strong interest in politics and gossip.

5. Nairabet.Com

This is another popular website in Nigeria because it has brought happiness to some people and tears to some. Every young Nigerian whether male or female are familiar to this match staking website. Nairabet.Com is very popular because it is the first betting website in Nigeria before the advent of other match staking portals. Nairabet  was launched 2009 and backed up with a lot of radio and TV adverts. It ambassadors include music duo Skuki and Phyno Phino and Olamide.

⇒According to, the most visited websites in Nigeria are

But, we can’t refer to some of them as website though that is why we omitted them for example Google.Com because we are not including search engine.


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