Top 5 Richest Celebrity Kids In Nigeria 2017/2018


Meet The Top 6 Richest Kid Celebrities in Nigeria 2017/2018 That is Currently Topping Chats

There is an adage that says  “what a man can do a woman can do better” but there is a new version of this adage, it is “what an adult can do kids can do far more better”. Gone are those day when kids have to grow older before they start hustling to get that money — today, Nigerian kids are battling it hard with the adult celebrities in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Just like the adult Nigerian celebrities, the kids are always topping the table when it comes to the richest people in Nigeria today. Job Recruitment has compiled the list of the Top 5 Richest Celebrity Kids in Nigeria 2017/2018 ranking.. do well to check out the list.


1. Emmanuella

Without being told, i know must of you saw this coming because Emmanuella is currently one of the most respected, successful and celebrated kid celebrity in Nigeria today. Emmanuella is the richest Nigerian kid celebrity as at June 2017. She is a professional Comedienne  born July 6, 2010. Emmanuella is literally more wealthy than everyone in this list combined , she was projected by her uncle named Mark Angel.


2. Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne is not a new face in the Nigerian Entertainment Scene. She became known around Nigeria after emerging the winner of ”Nigeria’s got Talent show’. History has it that Amarachi is the youngest Nigerian to ever won the most coveted award ”Nigeria’s got Talent’. She was born July 17, 2004, rose to stardom about 6 years ago after winning ”Nigeria’s got Talent’.  She has been shinning so bright , going for shows, walking the runways and getting paid. Amarachi was personally mentored by Nigerian finest dancer and Guinness Book of World dancer winner Kaffy.


3. Ozzybosco

Ozzybosco is the third richest celebrity kid in Nigeria as at June 2017. Born January 7, 2007, the singer has done a lot of hit songs at his tender age . He is popular known as OzzyBosco The Nigerian wonder. The young Nigerian singer has featured a lot of big guns in the Music Industry and he is a brand ambassador for some organisations.


4. DJ Young Money

We have come to understand that talent doesn’t respect age, DJ Young Money is doing what many adult Djs can’t even dream of doing. He was born year 2017 but his complete date of birth is unknown at this time. He has singlehandedly made many mixes and appeared in several public events. The 10 years old Nigerian Dj is currently enjoying the best moments of his career as he is equally getting paid for services.


5. Ify Ufele

On the number five list we have a child fashion designer named Ify Ufele. She was born in the year 2006 but complete date is unknown at the moment. Ify Ufele is no doubt the Nigeria’s youngest ever fashion designer who started her designing job at the age of 7.




This list is Top 5 but there is another kid celebrity that is worthy to be mentioned here. We are going to add her name to this unique list as a bonus


  • Marylove Edwards

She is a professional Tennis player who has participatd in many big competitions. She have inked endorsements deals from some reputable Nigerian companies. She is the youngest Nigerian kid involve in sport and the Federal Government is heavily concerned in her growth and ready to help her develop her career.

We are currently digging on their net worth, it will be added asap


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